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Mini Facelift Columbus

Facelifts in Columbus

What is a Mini Face Lift procedure?

The surgeons at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery lift muscle and skin tissue to tone and enhance specific problem areas.

Why consider a mini face lift?

A Mini Face Lift is more targeted than a traditional Face Lift. A Mini Face lift has the additional benefits of being more customized to the patient’s target areas, and requiring less recovery time.

What results should I expect from the Columbus mini face lift procedure?

The Mini Face Lift is used to address specific areas of the mid-face, the neck, the jowls or the nasolabial folds. The Mini Face Lift is much less invasive than a full face lift and can still reverse those signs of aging with less recovery time.

What about recovery?

A recovery from a Mini Face Lift is much quicker than a normal face lift due to the more targeted area and less invasive procedure. And depending on the area of the Mini Face Lift the patient may be required to stay over night in the hospital or the patient may be permitted to go home that same day.

Whatever your needs, or concerns may be, call today or schedule an online consultation to begin considering your options for a fresh, rejuvenated reflection.